Perrine Gatto Kinesio
Kinésiologie à Taninges
Perrine Gatto Kinesio, kinésiologie à Taninges

Here's an english synthetic version of my kinesiology's website content :

I'm well aware that it's sometimes difficult to find well-being services when you don't speak the local language (or not sufficiently). Although it is not my mother tongue, I speak english quite fluently and was eager to offer kinesiology sessions to both french and english speakers of the Giffre valley.

Welcome to my kinesthetic world, where
well-being is a holistic journey.

Kinesiology, integrating movement science with aspects of chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine, speaks the language of your body's memory and unconscious through muscle testing. It is a non-invasive, empathetic approach aimed at releasing emotional blockages, improving both mental and physical realms. Suited for everyone – from babies to adults, it addresses a spectrum of concerns, whether they are physical pains, emotional stresses, or performance-related challenges. 

With a background in digital marketing, my journey transitioned towards a passionate involvement in human wellbeing, culminating in a specialization in kinesiology.

Trained for 2 years at Auranesis, Thonon-les-Bains, my expertise is a blend of formal education and heartfelt personal investment.

As a certified kinesiologist, my mission is complemented by continuous learning and an evolving integration of methodologies, ensuring a proficient and tender path to holistic equilibrium for my clients. 

Kinesiology :

An evolution since the 1960s, kinesiology is a symphony of techniques and principles that harmonize the body’s energy, orchestrating a balance within. It gently unveils the stories narrated by our muscles, utilizing a spectrum of tools and strategies, such as muscle testing and energy flow optimization.

This multifaceted approach considers reflex integration, emotional harmonization, and learning enhancement through kinesthetic awareness, ensuring a nuanced and compassionate pathway to reinvigorating the innate potentials of the human body and spirit. Each session is a step towards understanding and unburdening, curating a customized healing and empowering experience.

Session unfold :

A session lasts approximately 1 hour and unfolds in two parts. One is for discussion and information gathering, followed by time on the massage table (fully clothed). Thanks to muscle testing, we conduct an investigation to identify the blocking neurological pattern ("program" set up by the brain to repress/adjust/compensate for emotions), and its resonances over time, finding the best balancing approach suited to your issue.

To sum up :

Initial contact, general information (first session)

Time for discussion about the reason for consultation

Investigation period


End of session and debriefing

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